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Do you know how many golf balls...and clubs, oh and maybe the whole bag with clubs, balls, gatorade and a sandwich, lie at the bottom of the water surrounding the peninsula in Stadium Course' 17th hole located in none other than the famous TPC Sawgrass? 

As some of you may know my son plays golf and I love to take photographs of golfers and anything golf.  This blog is from a parent's point of view (with the technical understanding assistance from my husband of course) on the importance of properly fitted clubs and having the right club fitter.  There is a constant need to obtain, upgrade, fix, customize equipment for different reasons and one of them of course is when a loaded golf bag is tossed in the deep water.  However, this blog is about the importance of having the right fitted equipment and not the right fitting attitude (I may blog about that later).  If you're a golfer or parents of a golfer (golfers for some parents out there), you know how important it is to get it right the first time all the time. Why you may ask? Two reasons: budget and game. 



Wrong Clubs

We have some pretty good experience here and they have cost us, well let's just say more than just a few pennies.  Unless the golfer is a successful professional with great sponsors who would pick up the tab even if just for the equipment or having generous relatives who would be willing to basically hand a carte blanche, golf will put a crack on your piggy bank (might even break it all the way).  Golf equipment are expensive and constantly need to be replenished.   Young junior golfers grow up so fast they will need new set of everything almost as often as Santa Claus comes to town.  Therefore, it behooves us to do the research and consult with trusted professional sources before spending hard earned money on equipment.  This is not the time to wet a finger and put it up above your head to take an 'informed' guess.  Spend the money wisely now to avoid spending the money unwisely later. Does that make sense? Put an end to endless experimentation on your own and get professional consultation to ensure the clubs you get will be the correct ones until the time your child outgrows them.  Ebay and craigslist have so many 'affordable' clubs available to you but sometimes affordable may prove to be not so when you find out the clubs are still not suited for you even after getting them customized or worse the clubs are not helpful and may even be bad for your game.  It maybe tempting to buy the latest and popular clubs but again if not suited for the golfer or just bought for bragging at the local golf course, it will just be another expensive experiment and a hopeless attempt to grab admiration.

So when it comes to the golfer's sticks, it is essential that we find the best (not the pretty-good-enough) clubs to put in their hands and find the best club fitter to customize them for the golfer the first time every time. 



Wrong Fitted Right Clubs

Now, you found the right clubs...just perfect.  If you're just a weekend hacker the clubs may be just good enough for leisure use.  For the golfers who play in local and nationwide tour events, aspire to play college golf and eventually compete professionally, simply good enough is not good enough.  What is the price in time and money that you would place on the advantage of having the proper fitted equipment that match your game right now or at the time you need it-during a tournament?  We all cannot afford what the professional tour players are playing with but we can come close to it. We found Joel.



Right Fitted Clubs

After months of research, travel and trials to find the best club fitter, my husband stumbled upon a professional club fitter right here in North Carolina, Joel from Golf Etc located in Cary. Aside from fitting and repair services, Golf Etc is also a golf store carrying a wide variety of famous brands that we all are familiar with such as Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway Golf and Adams Golf just to name a few.



Joel is the owner of the Golf Etc franchise in Cary.  He plays golf and he is the pro club fitter. These are just some of the things to highly consider and keep in mind.  Since he is the owner, he plays golf and he is the pro fitter....you will get an excellent customer service, he understands what you are trying to accomplish and he is very skillful in matching the right fitted clubs to the golf swing.  Joel is not the type to push any service or products on anybody, he will be straight with the information he provides regarding what, when and why you need what you need.  No hard feelings if you do not use his services but it will be a significant loss in golf game improvement on your part.

He uses a seven step high tech custom club fitting process that includes the use of flightscope. MCC Shaft Profiling machine, Mitchell Steelclub angle machine, Mitchell Tour Gauge putter machine. 



It's also worth noting that PGA tour player Brad Fritsch, who just happened to live in Holly Springs, NC gets his sticks tuned up at Golf Etc by Joel.  Come and see who the local pros are trusting their clubs to and get yours customized by the same person.  


Golf Etc Cary

1040 Darrington Drive, Ste 103 in Cary, NC

phone #919-535-3581









Great story as we have tried over and over too find a great club fitter and I am talking several years. Joel is great and very patient with your fitting process sometimes we golfers know everything but often miss the fine details that could save us several strokes when we play.
I have even taken juniors ages 7-11 and he fit them great. If you are looking to get fit stop wasting your time buying from the rack big box stores don't care or fine tune.
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