LIFE CAMERA CREATION: Blog en-us (C) LIFE CAMERA CREATION (LIFE CAMERA CREATION) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT LIFE CAMERA CREATION: Blog 120 120 Wood Fire Pizza: Pupatellas It was decision time again, what are we going to have for dinner?  Another night during a trip to Arlington, Virginia and we just didn't know what to eat. With so many choices sometimes it's actually hard to decide. More burgers? Chinese food? How about pizza? Having to settle for quick, probably previously frozen pizza a couple nights ago from a local convenient store, we weren't going to settle for a late-night-been-sitting-under-the-warmer-for-hours pizza tonight.  There were several pizzerias to choose from and we came across one with an interesting name and logo to match.  Pupatella Neapolitan Pizzeria, it has got to be Arlington area's best pizzeria.  Don't let the small restaurant fool you because Pupatella has a hip vibe, lively crowd and serves some of the best pizza we have ever had!  The service is great. Folks at Pupatella are friendly despite being very busy. You gotta be hip to make awesome pizza at Pupatella   You gotta be hip to make awesome pizza at Pupatella

lifecameracreation.comYou can't just have one slice of these Pupatella pizza, you gotta have your own pie! You can't just have one slice of these Pupatella pizza, you gotta have your own pie! Pupatella's wood oven is made from Naples, Italy so no need to travel to get that Neapolitan pizza, just come to Pupatella. Pupatella's wood oven is made from Naples, Italy so no need to travel to get that Neapolitan pizza, just come to Pupatella.

lifecameracreation.comWarning: Pupatella pizza can be addictive! Warning: Pupatella pizza can be addictive!

lifecameracreation.comFast food? Sure, it only takes a minute in the oak wood oven. Fast food? Sure, it only takes a minute in the oak wood oven.

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Excellent Fit


Do you know how many golf balls...and clubs, oh and maybe the whole bag with clubs, balls, gatorade and a sandwich, lie at the bottom of the water surrounding the peninsula in Stadium Course' 17th hole located in none other than the famous TPC Sawgrass? 

As some of you may know my son plays golf and I love to take photographs of golfers and anything golf.  This blog is from a parent's point of view (with the technical understanding assistance from my husband of course) on the importance of properly fitted clubs and having the right club fitter.  There is a constant need to obtain, upgrade, fix, customize equipment for different reasons and one of them of course is when a loaded golf bag is tossed in the deep water.  However, this blog is about the importance of having the right fitted equipment and not the right fitting attitude (I may blog about that later).  If you're a golfer or parents of a golfer (golfers for some parents out there), you know how important it is to get it right the first time all the time. Why you may ask? Two reasons: budget and game. 



Wrong Clubs

We have some pretty good experience here and they have cost us, well let's just say more than just a few pennies.  Unless the golfer is a successful professional with great sponsors who would pick up the tab even if just for the equipment or having generous relatives who would be willing to basically hand a carte blanche, golf will put a crack on your piggy bank (might even break it all the way).  Golf equipment are expensive and constantly need to be replenished.   Young junior golfers grow up so fast they will need new set of everything almost as often as Santa Claus comes to town.  Therefore, it behooves us to do the research and consult with trusted professional sources before spending hard earned money on equipment.  This is not the time to wet a finger and put it up above your head to take an 'informed' guess.  Spend the money wisely now to avoid spending the money unwisely later. Does that make sense? Put an end to endless experimentation on your own and get professional consultation to ensure the clubs you get will be the correct ones until the time your child outgrows them.  Ebay and craigslist have so many 'affordable' clubs available to you but sometimes affordable may prove to be not so when you find out the clubs are still not suited for you even after getting them customized or worse the clubs are not helpful and may even be bad for your game.  It maybe tempting to buy the latest and popular clubs but again if not suited for the golfer or just bought for bragging at the local golf course, it will just be another expensive experiment and a hopeless attempt to grab admiration.

So when it comes to the golfer's sticks, it is essential that we find the best (not the pretty-good-enough) clubs to put in their hands and find the best club fitter to customize them for the golfer the first time every time. 



Wrong Fitted Right Clubs

Now, you found the right clubs...just perfect.  If you're just a weekend hacker the clubs may be just good enough for leisure use.  For the golfers who play in local and nationwide tour events, aspire to play college golf and eventually compete professionally, simply good enough is not good enough.  What is the price in time and money that you would place on the advantage of having the proper fitted equipment that match your game right now or at the time you need it-during a tournament?  We all cannot afford what the professional tour players are playing with but we can come close to it. We found Joel.



Right Fitted Clubs

After months of research, travel and trials to find the best club fitter, my husband stumbled upon a professional club fitter right here in North Carolina, Joel from Golf Etc located in Cary. Aside from fitting and repair services, Golf Etc is also a golf store carrying a wide variety of famous brands that we all are familiar with such as Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway Golf and Adams Golf just to name a few.



Joel is the owner of the Golf Etc franchise in Cary.  He plays golf and he is the pro club fitter. These are just some of the things to highly consider and keep in mind.  Since he is the owner, he plays golf and he is the pro will get an excellent customer service, he understands what you are trying to accomplish and he is very skillful in matching the right fitted clubs to the golf swing.  Joel is not the type to push any service or products on anybody, he will be straight with the information he provides regarding what, when and why you need what you need.  No hard feelings if you do not use his services but it will be a significant loss in golf game improvement on your part.

He uses a seven step high tech custom club fitting process that includes the use of flightscope. MCC Shaft Profiling machine, Mitchell Steelclub angle machine, Mitchell Tour Gauge putter machine. 



It's also worth noting that PGA tour player Brad Fritsch, who just happened to live in Holly Springs, NC gets his sticks tuned up at Golf Etc by Joel.  Come and see who the local pros are trusting their clubs to and get yours customized by the same person.  


Golf Etc Cary

1040 Darrington Drive, Ste 103 in Cary, NC

phone #919-535-3581






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Discover Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina bottle chapel

I was looking at photos I have taken this year so far and I rediscovered the photos I took in Airlie Garden of the larger-than-life art by Virginia Wright-Frierson with other local artists in Wilmington area.  It is called the Bottle Chapel, which is constructed out of bottles, mementos, chicken wire, colorful tiles and broken plates (or cups I think).  The art is her tribute to the late Minnie Evans, a folk artist in the 20th century.  Minnie apparently worked in Airlie Gardens as Gatekeeper and who knows probably in spirit she still does. The bottle chapel is such a wonderful tribute that once you spot it you will get drawn to it.  The bottles sparkling under the sun and some even have liquid inside must be from water collected when it rains, or could it be whiskey?  I even spotted a humming bird (when you also find it, come back to this blog and let me know). Who would have known that Aunt Jemima syrup bottle would end up a pretty cool part of an artistic structure. 


Aunt Jemima syrup bottle

Minnie did not have formal training and never had wealthy sponsors.  I highly doubted that she traveled far to get inspiration for her art.  Her artistic visions came from her color-filled dreams.  Her son, George Evans, have said that she was just doing what the Lord told her to do and she was more interested in pleasing God than people.  Another common theme with her art is the strong representation of the eyes and apparently that was her own tribute to the most amazing artist of all.  The eyes represented God's omniscience.

bottle chapel

Minnie Evans had a humble simple life appreciating and expressing art in her own way.  It is interesting to know her introduction to the wonderful world of artistic expressions.  Reading some information about her from my trusted source, Wikipedia (okey, no laughing please and opinions not allowed), I read that one day she just had a dream in which a voice asked her "Why don't you draw or die?" I guess it must have been such a powerful epiphany that supposedly she ran out of her bedroom screaming and ended up completing some drawings that morning.  You know I could relate. Back when I was exclusively doing designing, there were nights when I just could not sleep because I had nagging design ideas in my head.  Actually this was happening even when I was back in high school and doing designs back then.  Now with photography, I just couldn't stop thinking of ideas for posing, for locations and for creative pixel pushing afterwards. 

colorful bottles

I felt compelled to blog after seeing those photos of the bottle chapel and read up on Minnie's story.  Artistic talent never goes away.  It is like energy, it is never destroyed; it just transforms or sometimes may lay dormant until rekindled. Minnie did not even start until she was in her 40s.  I know that I still have a lot to learn in this craft and I feel that I will never be fully knowledgeable because there is always something new to know, learn and try. However, I never doubt my ability and creativity.  In addition, my husband and my son have taken up the craft and have rekindled their passion for visual creative expression through the lens. If these photos in our website are what we are producing now very early in our photography endeavor, then I am so excited to continue and find out what much more beautiful and stunning creation we would showcase later on.   It is not when you start that matters it is how you will finish. So go on artists of all ages and backgrounds, follow your heart's calling....We are, Virginia is and Minnie did too.

bottle chapel


Angels Stand By Me









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Petals on The Wall Flowers flowers who doesn't love them fresh cut delivered or store bought flowers bring us joy all year round.  During the bombcyclone of 2018 spring thoughts are running like wild daisies blowing in the wind.  On one of these bone chilling nights at home I found myself watching HGTV's home remodeling specialist Chip & Joanna Gaines.  

Their use of bright colors used in final decorative settings using flowers made me search the net for decorative flower wall art.   After several hours and many open tabs on the Mac I stumbled upon a cute little Etsy store named:  (Petals On The Wall) the find was so fitting as this new startup company is another husband and wife team selling creative flower wall art from photos taken professionally by them.  

Not only do they create wall art pillows and mugs.  If you love flowers as much as I do and looking to decorate that new condo in the Caribbean or remodel that house in Maine Petals On The Wall is a must.




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Dugans' Pub A quaint little pub on 2nd and Market Street called Dugan's Pub. They specialize in Irish food and have a great selection of beers. As it is a pub, it's casual dining and does have a takeout menu.  Due to its proximity to the historic Pinehurst #2 golf course, the pub has the ambiance of an old time golf hang out.   It reminds us of an old restaurant and pub in St. Andrews.  The décor is all about good beer and golf.  The place seems to be the best choice to unwind after a good or bad 18 rounds of golf.  If you're staying at one of the local B&Bs or at historical hotels nearby, Dugan's is within walking distance.

So lets get on to the menu.  When we visited St. Andrews, fish & chips was a must have (probably second to haggies with a side of neeps and tatties).  I really missed a good old fashioned beer-battered fish and chips so naturally I ordered just that; three pieces please. We also had the crab cakes.  Next time we would like to try the Gaelic rib eye and the beef stew.  The salad was fresh and arranged beautifully. The onion porter soup was delicious; it was generously topped with swiss cheese and looked like it just came out of the oven with some of the cheese melted around the soup bowl rim.

They had English bread pudding on the dessert menu.   I have never eaten anyone's bread pudding except for my grandmother's and there was Irish coffee on the menu also so this was a hard decision.  I decided on the bread pudding since it was homemade from the owner's old family recipe.   The dessert was a boat load of bread pudding and presented scrumptiously. The portion was more than enough for one person.  The taste matched the presentation. It was a good choice.  Before we left I was lucky enough to speak with one of the owners, Allen, who was very busy in the kitchen but still took the time and thanked us for coming in.  

Ellen, who pleasantly served our food, told us that every Tuesday is Karaoke night and since I really enjoyed the fish & chips she reminded me that every Monday is all you can eat fish & chips at Dugan's.   They also have vegetarian fare.

Finding good places to eat close by to the golf course you're playing at is like getting a good tip from a local golfer or caddy; where the sweet spots are and where to stay clear of hazards (as in places that will give you the stomach aches later).   Pinehurst No.2 is definitely on most golfers' bucket list.  So when in Pinehurst, go to Dugan's Pub for your post-round dining experience and you'll find great food, reasonable prices and friendly golf atmosphere. lifecameracreation.comDugan's Pub in Pinehurst NC lifecameracreation.comDugan's Pub in Pinehurst NC

lifecameracreation.comDugan's Pub in Pinehurst NC lifecameracreation.comDugan's Pub in Pinehurst NC lifecameracreation.comDugan's Pub in Pinehurst NC lifecameracreation.comDugan's Pub in Pinehurst NC


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Tivoli Have you been to Europe?  Paris in particular.  Have you been to a Parisian coffee shop and just have that feeling of whimsy.  Tivoli has that ambiance, you could feel it even when you're outside and you spot it.  You could see the cakes and pastries when you walk by beckoning you to come in, sit down, slow down, have a cup of coffee and eat a cake.

Since it's just right outside the Ballston metro, it has that feel like you just stepped out of bustling Gare du Nord train station and stopped in Tivoli for a cafe et gateau break.  Time to slow the time down even just for a few minutes and enjoy the little pleasures in life.  When you visit Arlington VA and in Ballston area, stop by Tivoli.

lifecameracreation.comTivoli in Ballston Arlington VA lifecameracreation.comTIvoli in Ballston Arlington VA lifecameracreation.comTivoli in Ballston Arlington VA lifecameracreation.comTivoli in Ballston Arlington VA lifecameracreation.comTivoli in Ballston Arlington VA lifecameracreation.comTivoli in Ballston Arlington VA

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